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My Top 5 go-to winter products

Welcoming winter in 2019 has been such a struggle especially for everyone who is new in Cape Town. As much as this is a bit of a problem, I have just the products to get you through winter. In this week post, I share with you my top 5 inexpensive products you can try.


Before I get into it, I know that a lot of black women face the issue of having their skin dry out during this particular season and we have to plan the transition from summer products that are both moisturizing, non-greasy and sun proof to the oil based, motorizing and takes care of dry skin.

Here are my top 5, inexpensive products that I always run to:

  • Vaseline blue seal: Due to my skin being dry, I always opt for this product because it has glycerin which helps me with preventing my skin from cracking under the pressure of cold weathers. It is oil based and is definitely good for both dry and oily skin. For women with oily skin, I would recommend using after a night bath followed by a coating of a body butter the next day so it balances the oil. This product retails for approximately R60 at stores like Pick n Pay and Clicks. IMG_E0333[1]
  • African Extracts No-Shine Day Cream: With benefits such as improving skin texture and brightens and evens skin tone. Ingredients include aloe vera, bio-active rooibos, evodia leaf and Japanese cedar- glow up of the season is most certainly guaranteed! The radiance range by African Extracts is everything a girl needs to have in their skin care routine. Their products have been endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty and they are vegan – meaning they don’t test their products on animals.


  • Woolworths’ Shea Butter and Honey Hand Cream: This is by far the best hand lotion I have ever used. I received this at the Cosmo Influencer Workshop held a few months ago and my hands have been feeling so soft and moisturized ever since. This product is also vegetarian with milk and honey and has been endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty.


  • Black Opal True Colour Liquid Foundation: I have gone back from using NYX liquid foundation to using this one because it moisturizes my skin the way I like. It is perfect for dry skin so I would suggest a more matte finish such as Essence for ladies who have oily skin. The benefits I have seen so far is that they offer really rich tones, it has light coverage so it does not really show that you are wearing make up and that is a plus for me because my skin gets irritated easily and has shea butter. They only offer 12 shades in this range though so it is not for everyone. This is only R295 at Clicks.


  • Spier Wine Farm’s Creative Block No. 3: Nothing good wine cannot fix- I recently learned that red wine is popular in winter? Compared to white wine as it is fruity and drank cold, red on the other hand is usually appropriate in winter as it is commonly paired with warm winter meals. This particular wine however comes from one of my favourite wine brands in South Africa, Spier Wine Farm from it creative block collection. Within the collection comes Nos. 2, 3 and 5. The bottle retails for R169 on the Spier Wine Farm website.

“Did you know: The creative block wine collection was inspired by the Spier Arts Academy project, winemakers combine grapes from different vineyard blocks to curate unique tastes- always so much more than the sum of their parts.” -Spier Wine FarmIMG_0065[1]

One other product mention would be Benylin for Flu, which is one a must for people who don’t have a problem with alcohol in their cough syrups. This has saved me many times especially on my recent trip to Gauteng. I somehow had this flu that nearly had me “woman down” and if it was not for this product, I would have not enjoyed my trip. It can be found at major pharmacies in South Africa and recommended for flu- however, I would advise visiting your doctor first.

If you are someone who is well prepared for winter, care to share any tips on how you get through winter pimple and flu free? Vaseline blue seal leads the list as it literally saved my skin at the start of this year’s winter, so I recommend it to everyone trying to repair their skin.

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Travel period pain free with Livia South Africa.

You know when you are sick and tired of being sick and tired? That is how I have been feeling for the past 15 years!

One thing I know I hate is having to travel with the burden of a bloated and painful tummy. I remember my trip to Mauritius like it was yesterday because besides feeling fat, I felt awful the whole time. If only Livia was a thing then, I would have conquered period pains like a champ.

This month I had the opportunity to try out a new product by Livia South Africa which is a small device which works to reduce the amount and pressure that comes with period pains.

Livia stimulates the nerves, making it impossible for pain to pass. The method Livia uses has been proven effective in several clinical studies and I strongly recommend the use of the device to relieve PMS at any time. -Prof Bari Kaplan




The technology behind Livia is based on the Gate Control Theory, which states that non-painful signals close the gate to painful signals – blocking the sensation of pain before it’s even felt. In other words, Livia sends stimulating pulses from the surface of the skin to the nerve strands, preventing pain signals from reaching the brain.

By just connecting the cable to the device and the other end of the gel pads to your problem area- either the lower back or lower abdomen, switching it on and concentrating the amount of pressure the electrolyte should reach for those pulses to ease pain. The device can last up to 5 years and the gel pads can be replaced after every three months if used accordingly.



The product package is very simple and well protected so it is highly unlikely that you will receive a damaged product. The colours have been well thought of as they are those that ease the brains and playful. In the Livia South Africa package, you get:

  • A Livia device
  • A cover in any colour you like as shown in the pictures.
  • A case to store and travel easy
  • Three (3) months supply of gel pads.
  • USB cable to charge
  • A detachable cord for the device and gel pads



I have received a lot of comments asking how much the product is and for only R1980, the entire package is yours. If you calculate, the product will only cost you R33 a month over 5 years and that is even CHEAPER than the pills we buy to get rid of the pain. If I had know about this, I would have put it on my shopping list a long time ago or asked someone to get it for me as a Christmas or birthday gift- yes you can do that! The best thing about this is that you can use it for 120 days and if it does not work, you can claim your money back and return the product (this is what I thought would happen with me because my period pains get so brutal, I still have mine and I don’t even have a thought of taking it back).

This product has received positive reviews from Cosmopolitan, BuzzFeed and The Economic Times. This device can only be bought on Livia South Africa’s website and the gel pads on Amazon.


If I could go back in time to the many times I have toured places like Paris and the Netherlands and my work trip to Mauritius to have Livia South Africa’s device with me, I would have better memories of my period. Now I can take my girl buddy with me everywhere I go and use it on the plane. It is very small and can fit into any purse which means, drinks are on me- or my girls when they decide to hijack me to an evening of fun, music and drinks!



What are your period pain remedies?

Would you give them up any day for Livia South Africa’s period pain device?

#MyLivia #LiviaSouthAfrica

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Eye Candy Brows

When traveling, you always try to spend less time on grooming because you want to focus more on site seeing and enjoying time with friends and family . Lucky for me, being a Eyecandy Brows Ambassador means I get all kind of treatments to prepare me for my travels so I get to enjoy myself and not worry about how I look.

Eyecandy Brows is the biggest specialist of Eyebrow Threading in South Africa. They can be found in the following Cape Town and Johannesburg centres:  Lifestyle Centre on Kloof (CT), Tygervalley Center (CT), Carlton Hair Cavendish Square (CT), and Sandton City Mall (JHB).

Eyebrow threading and tinting:

This treatment offered by Eyecandy Brows is affordable and quick. Both the treatments cost R190 and take about 45 minutes max to get done. I had a bit of an uncomfortable feeling with the threading because its remove the brows from the root which is great because eventually, your brows stop growing (the unwanted ones that is).


Lash lift:

The lash lift is a new thing to me because I naturally have long lashes and I think faux ones are heavy. I do however love how Agnes (Eyecandy Brows Specialist) applied mine because she applied them between the real ones to create an illusion to make them look real. Each one is applied to fit the natural size of your lashes and they come in different shapes and sizes. It took about 2 hours to get mine done and they stay on for two weeks and that is long enough to go with. The price of the lash lift is R550 and is totally worth it!

Eyecandy brows offers a range of services and treatments, but remember to always make an appointment. Even though they do take walk-ins, its best to know you will get your treatment done without having to wait in line.

Eyebrow Do’s and Don’ts from Eyecandy Brows:

  • Don’t use a razors to shape your brows because they cause skin irritation and then ingrown hairs which are very painful.
  • You will not get all the unwanted hairs out.
  • Always go for threading or plucking as it removes hairs from the root.
  • Plucking is more painful than threading.
  • You definitely will have some skin irritation after threading but that is just from removing the hairs.
  • Always follow-up with your treatments.
  • Be open with your consultant about how you want your brows done or ask them for advice on what they use so you avoid any allergens like myself, I can’t use coconut oil as an “after threading” oil.

Have you done your brows before? threaded? and how did it feel? Would you do it again or do you want to try it? Please let me know your thoughts on this in the comment section.

If you have visited any Eyecandy Brows bar, how did they treat you and what did you get done?

visit them online or contact them:


Tell: +27 72 452 0264

IG: eyecandy_brows_sa

Facebook: Love Eyecandy


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Hair and make-up tips while traveling

In less than a 24 hours, I will be traveling from Cape Town to the Europe for the holidays and I am pretty much excited about it because instead of just visiting the Netherlands, my babe and I will be doing a couple of trips cross country vibes. Plane tickets booked, accommodation booked, dinners booked and we are well ready for it all.

One thing that always graze me off though is looking beautiful without wasting time when getting ready and also being ready for anything that might happen during the course of a day touring places and meeting friends for dinner. My first concern is always my hair! I would rather not have to deal with my fro during the festive season, I honestly do not have time to be brushing and detangling.

Keeping the skin clear and clean while looking amazing is essential and here are a few tips on how to not burden yourself with all that and still feel great:

For hair:

  • Be versatile about your hair. It’s always great to get it box braided and you just switch up the look every time. Or have simple but funky cornrows which can be covered with a wig to make your look even more interesting.
  • Get a beret or a hat that can help with looking different everyday.
  • Always carry an essential oil for your scalp to help with any climate changes but keep it at a 100ml.
  • If it is cold, it is always best to wear a wig so not to stress out your hair.
  • Visit a local salon for a nice braid wash if possible to keep the scalp clean. I have realised it is difficult washing braids than anything else.


For skin:

  • Exfoliate!!
  • Drink water.
  • Stay away from make-up when flying. It is not good for you. Like, who the hell are you trying to look good for? the flight attendants?!!
  • Always have some wet wipes with you to wipe your face during transfers or every 5 hours to help your skin breathe especially during long flights.
  • Drink more water. This is very important.
  • Apply a night cream oil to help getting rid of bags or signs of tiredness.

For nails: 

  • Always have your hands dry (obviously)
  • Moisturise
  • Keep a hygienic habit when it comes to hands and face
  • It helps carrying a hand sanitiser
  • Trim your nails all the time. This helps with breaking and polish chirping
  • Base coat is important to protect your nails from nail polish stain. You can also add a layer of base after every coat for lasting shine and protection.
  • Give your nails a break. The way you give your face a break from make up. Let your nails breathe for a moment. So a week before you travel, just have clear, clean nails before bedazzling them.

I guess the point here is that, try keep your hair and skin routine as natural as possible. Only apply make-up when you know you won’t be sleeping on the road- overnight to help your skin breathe and get used to new climates. Your hair should not be a priority but taking care of it is important- which means, keep it minimal while giving it what it needs.

I hope this helps. What do you do to keep your skin and hair clean during the holidays?

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Cape Town Mobile Massages Experience

Can you believe that I just had my first ever massage experience thanks to Cape Town Mobile Massages . I have been privileged enough to have been contacted by them to partner on the things to do before and after the holidays to prepare your body for the festive activities and to calm your body after the festive season and this is all about the massages.

Cape Town Mobile Massages offers both Swedish and Sensual massages to its clients and they each cost R300 person. What is great about them you may ask. What makes them different to all the other spas? THEY DO HOUSE CALLS! The only thing you have to pay for is the service. Swedish and sensual massages differ in that Swedish massages are more intense and focus on muscle relief from tension rather than the touch (best way I could describe it) and the other focuses on the soft touches to relieve stress and to get your body into a relaxation state.

The reason why I was excited to get a massage before the holidays is because in my family, the holidays mean we will be doing a lot of traveling, cooking, cleaning and hosting different family members from all walks of like- this means I will be making tea every 2 hours everyday. I have to then get my body prepared for all the work, get it calm and relaxed with no muscle tension otherwise I will be having a tough time.


There after upon my return, I will need a massage to get my blood flowing and preparing mind and body for what will be the busiest year of my life with my business launching and going strong, being a full time employee, traveling and writing about all this, I am going to need all the massages Cape Town Mobile Massages has to offer!

The benefits of massages:

  • Reduce Stress
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Reduces pain either from working out, bad sitting habits, etc
  • Eliminate toxins
  • Improves sleep because your body is relaxed
  • Enhances immunity
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Alleviates depression and anxiety
  • Reduces post-injury swelling for all the clumsy hikers like myself.

There are however so many things you can do by yourself that will not need money to cleanse your body and get it to relax such as 10 min yoga poses which you can get off YouTube or asking your little sibling to walk on your back softly to release tension from your back muscles- I know 2018 has been tough for almost all of us! Treat yourself to a massage and check out Cape Town Mobile Massages so they come to you- you can do a girls date day and just call up your friends, have some wine and ask the CPMM to come to you.

I would like to thank Sean from CPMM for his professionalism and constantly asking me if I was comfortable considering it was my first massage.